Now in its 8th year, and for the first time virtually, the Pharma CX Summit will bring together 200+ customer experience leaders of pharma to share how the industry can design and deliver more seamless customer experiences for patients, payers, and providers.  Despite the conference being virtual this year, we have no doubt the content and networking opportunities will be top-notch!

The Pharma CX Summit focuses on three main customer segments – patients, payers, and providers – and examines how pharma can use technology, data, and design to drive customer engagement and outcomes in a real and measurable way. Conference speakers include pharma marketing and brand leaders, technology companies, patients, CX business experts, leading solution providers, and non-pharma CX leaders. Attendees benefit from a virtual conference environment that fosters peer-to-peer interaction, collaboration, and networking.

Join us at the Pharma CX Summit 2021 this March!
Virtual Conference &
The Grand Summit Hotel
Summit, NJ

Date & Time
March 24-25, 2021
Pharma CX 2020 Speakers
Ryan Rosenberg
Larry Bressler
Johan Vermeiren 
Deb Nevins
Mary Lassiter
Anton Yarovoy
Emily Stuis
Susan Harris
Rich Schwartz
Charlie Flax
Corinne Yaouanq-Lyngberg
Jim Doucette
Aleen Hosdaghian
Sun pharma
Vijay Iyengar
Suzanne Kirkendall
Amit Dua
Lori Hancock

Kris Granor
Neil Keene
intercept pharmaceuticals
Kristen Winters
Pharma CX 2020 Agenda
11:45 AM
Opening Remarks from Conference Chairs

Seth Painter, Digital Marketing Strategist & Kristen Winters, CX Lead, North Americas Hub, Bayer

12:00 PM
The Layers of Customer Experience

• Making Human-Centered Design a part of our daily work
• Breaking patterns of thinking and working to put customer needs first

Emily Stuis, Sr. Manager, Idea Sprint Lab, Pfizer

12:20 PM
Return on Experience (RoE): The Kindness Quotient

Return on Experience (RoE) is more important that ever. In this presentation, Rich will explore the kindness quotient to look at customer experience in the outcomes economy.

Rich Schwartz, Founder & Chief Connectivity Officer, RAPT Health

12:40 PM
The Global State of Customer Centricity in Pharma
Increasingly, the pharmaceutical industry is taking a customer-centric approach to both the development and commercialization of new products. From being patient-centric when conducting clinical trials to driving more engaging interactions between medical representatives and healthcare providers, companies are placing the “customer” at the center of their commercial models.  Trilations, a management consulting firm that provides guidance and insights powered by data and advanced analytics to pharma in over 50 countries, recently released their annual Pharma Customer-Centricity Index. This global survey reveals the perception of top pharmaceutical companies’ customer-centricity in several major treatment areas.  Trilations CEO Johan Vermeiren discusses the results of the survey in this presentation: The Global State of Customer Centricity in Pharma.  

Johan Vermeiren, Chief Executive Officer, Trilations

01:00 PM
PERSPECTIVES: Translating Customer Insights into Better Experiences
Who is your organization’s ‘customer(s)’?
• How do you know what your customers really want from your company/their therapy/healthcare?
• How do you use that information to improve CX?
• What are the major challenges to improving CX?
• How does data inform customer insights? How do you determine what to look at?
• Which insights lead to better customer experiences?
• Which investments are contributing to CX success and which are not?

Aleen Hosdaghian , Sr. Director, Marketing, SUN Pharma
Anton Yarovoy, Director, Precision Medicine, US Oncology, Novartis
Amit Dua, Director, Marketing, Mylan

1:30 PM
Networking and Virtual Exhibition Break

2:00 PM
FIRESIDE CHAT: The Missing Components of True Patient Engagement

Jim Doucette, Head of Collaborative Patient Initiatives, AstraZeneca

2:20 PM
PERSPECTIVES: Enhancing the Customer Experience with Emerging Tech
The panel discusses which emerging technologies (mobile, connected devices, AI/ML, AR/VR, voice & chat, telehealth, blockchain) are currently providing the most value to patients and which technologies have the chance to make the biggest impact moving forward.

Mary Lassiter, Digital Campaign Management Product Lead, Sanofi
Corinne Yaouanq-Lyngberg, Director, Omnichannel Strategic Enablement, Novo Nordisk
Vijay Iyengar, Sr. Director, Marketing and Sales, Eisai

02:45 PM
WORKSHOP: The M.O.L.E System Perspective
Move A​​​​way From Your Failed Approach To Digital Transformation

Neil Keene, Digital Brand Consultant

03:10 PM
PERSPECTIVES: Elevating the HCP Experience to Drive Engagement

• Developing a customer experience mindset to engage providers on their terms
• Keys to providing the most valuable resources at the point of care
• Leveraging data and HCP feedback to gain actionable insights

Charlie Flax, Founder & President, Propeller
Lori Hancock, Director, Multi-Channel Integration, Oncology, Merck
Deb Nevins, Sr. Associate Director, HCP Marketing, Boehringer Ingelheim

03:35 PM
Networking and Virtual Exhibition Break

04:00 PM
"Nudging" CX

Inspired by the behavioral science principles described in our book, Nudge Marketing, the BVA Nudge Unit brings you an engaging presentation aimed at those seeking to achieve greater success rates in behavioral change within the pharma and healthcare sector. We will show you how simple behavioral “nudges” can optimize CX aimed at stakeholders across the healthcare ecosystem.

Suzanne Kirkendall, MPH, Consultant, BVA Nudge Unit

04:20 PM
Powering Meaningful Customer Experiences with Design Systems

Ryan Rosenberg, Associate Director of Customer Experience Design, Sanofi

04:40 PM
PERSPECTIVES:  Improving Value & Access in the Era of Customer Experience 
• In terms of managed care or payer strategy, how is the ‘customer’ defined?
• When compared to patient or HCP engagement, what are the major differences?
• How do those differences alter the traditional approach to marketing/access/engagement?
• In terms of CX, what’s missing from the value/access space?

Larry Bressler, Global Head, Value & Market Access, Rare Disease, Chiesi
Kris Granor, Associate Director, Market Access Marketing, Jazz
Susan Harris, Strategic Customer Group, CVM Lead, Janssen

05:10 PM

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