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Now in its 9th year (and for the first time back in-person since 2019!), the Pharma CX Summit will bring together 250+ customer experience leaders of pharma to share how the pharma marketing and brand teams can design and deliver more seamless customer experiences to better serve patients, payers, and HCPs.

At the Pharma CX Summit 2022, you'll hear the latest pharma CX case studies and insights from an expert speaking faculty and leave with actionable insights, takeaways, and networking connections that will help you tackle your customer experience challenges. The Pharma CX Summit agenda focuses on three main customer segments – patients, payers, and providers – and examines how pharma can use technology, data, and design to drive customer engagement and outcomes in a real and measurable way.  Attendees benefit from a lively conference environment that fosters peer-to-peer interaction, collaboration, and networking.

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Grand Ballroom
The Grand Summit Hotel
Summit, NJ

Date & Time
March 23-24, 2022
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Pharma CX Summit Sponsors
Featured Speakers
Kristen Winters 
Seth Painter
Kristen Berman
Bryan Zembrowski
Kim Skrabonja
Karen Root
Boehringer ingelheim
Courtney Kober
Brad Carlson
Mike Edwards
Trista Walker
Mary Lassiter
Craig Haines
Amy Turnquist
Jared Shechtman
Rachel Levy
Charlie Flax
Cassie Hallberg
Jim Doucette
David Parker
Vijay Venugopal
Brett Marvel
Chris Franklin
Johan Vermeiren 
Kathy Schwartz
Jennifer Galle
Vicki Whichard
Rich Schwartz
Stephanie Garrison
Debbie Donovan
Jo Elynn Cook
Tim Glennon
Eileen Nolan
Novo Nordisk
Peter Chiappano 
Robin Kamen
Ray Rotolo
John Lineen
Michael Jafar
Patrick Howie
Lisa Grimsley
Anna Kravets
Elise Whitaker
Francie Rawlings
Last Year's Conference Agenda

Day One
March 24, 2021

12:00 PM
Opening Remarks

Seth Painter, Pharma CX Summit Co-Host, Digital Marketing Strategist
Kristen Winters, Pharma CX Summit Co-Host & CX Lead, North Americas Hub, Bayer

12:10 PM
How Digital Experiences in Pharma Are Redefining the Industry.  

As the pandemic has vaulted the life sciences industry 15 years forward in innovation within a matter of 15 weeks, it has opened the door to other possibilities. Organizations that focus on consumer, patient, HCP, and employee experiences will continue to innovate, adapt, improve outcomes, and drive efficiencies.  A more specific and innovative focus on experiences in pharma is putting a spotlight on the industry and propelling us from fast follower to forerunner.

Rich Schwartz, Life Sciences Industry Practice Lead, Medallia

12:20 PM
PERSPECTIVES:  Patient Experience in 2021

• Discuss the importance of the patient experience for pharma marketers in 2021
• How does patient experience relate to your product/market/therapy/patient populations?
• When considering PX, what has changed in the past 12 months?
• Where do data, analytics and technology play a role when considering the patient experience?

Rachel Levy, Director, Digital Marketing, Alkermes
Jared Shechtman, Marketing Technology Solutions, Eisai
Trista Walker, CCXP, President, BNO Inc. & Board of Trustees, Thomas Jefferson University

Moderator: Rich Schwartz, Principal, Life Sciences, Medallia

12:50 PM
Networking Break

01:05 PM
PERSPECTIVES:  PX - First Fill Abandonment

• What is First Fill Abandonment and how does it happen?
• Why is FFA so crucial to the Customer Experience?
• What can brands do to improve the situation?
• What technology options are available?

Bryan Zembrowski, Associate Director, Global Patient Marketing, Regeneron
Jim Doucette, Director, Customer Programs & Collaborations, AstraZeneca
Tim Glennon, Vice President, Marketing, Evofem Biosciences
Howard Seidman, Chief Operating Officer, CustomConnect

Moderator: Seth Painter, Pharma CX Summit Co-Host, Digital Marketing Strategist

01:35 PM
The Global State of Customer Centricity in Pharma

Increasingly, the pharmaceutical industry is taking a customer-centric approach to both the development and commercialization of new products. From being patient-centric when conducting clinical trials to driving more engaging interactions between medical representatives and healthcare providers, companies are placing the “customer” at the center of their commercial models. Trilations, a management consulting firm that provides guidance and insights powered by data and advanced analytics to pharma in over 50 countries, recently released their annual Pharma Customer-Centricity Index. This global survey reveals the perception of top pharmaceutical companies’ customer-centricity in several major treatment areas. Trilations CEO Johan Vermeiren discusses the results of the survey in this presentation: The Global State of Customer Centricity in Pharma.

Johan Vermeiren, Chief Executive Officer, Trilations

02:00 PM
The Unconventional Customer Journey to Happiness
David's need to add more joy into his life and real purpose to his work sparked a complete life change that has allowed him to bring unexpected happiness to hundreds of patients. A designer and technologist, David has overcome endless technical, bureaucratic and regulatory challenges to craft bespoke Virtual Reality experiences for dying patients. The result? He's not only increased their quality of life, he's also inspired thousands in the process.

David Parker, Founder& Chief Wish Granter, Wishplay

02:25 PM
Networking Break

02:40 PM
Supporting Underserved Populations Through Conversational AI

Conversational AI has the power to address and help resolve key needs and challenges facing underserved populations facing inequities in access and resources due to various factors including socioeconomic conditions, digital literacy shortcomings, and understanding of available support such as financial assistance programs. We’ll explore various use cases and value-based stories related to health equity and how conversational AI engages these populations with educational information, financial assistance, and more.

Elise Whitaker, VP Customer Success & Practice Lead, Life Sciences, Orbita
Francie Rawlings, Global Digital Strategist, Consultant
Anna Kravets, President, AdirA

03:05 PM
PERSPECTIVES: Enhancing Experiences with Emerging Technology

The panel discusses emerging technologies (connected devices, AI/ML, AR/VR, voice & chat) are currently providing the most value to patients and which technologies will have the biggest impact on pharma marketing going forward.

Mary Lassiter, Digital Campaign Management Product Lead, Sanofi
Peter Chiappano, Associate Director, Emerging Technology, Novo Nordisk
Ray Rotolo, Co-founder, Chief Product Officer, Populus Media

Moderator: Kristen Winters, CX Lead, North Americas Hub, Bayer

03:30 PM
Networking Break

03:45 PM
PERSPECTIVES: CX Data & Analytics

• Can CX be quantified using data?
• How much data is being generated that is actually applicable to CX?
• What are some of the newer ways of implementing data?
• How is technology allowing brands to optimize CX by leveraging data?
• What can we learn from data about customer behavior patterns?

Chris Franklin, Director, US Data Strategy, Bayer
Kim Skrabonja, Director, Business Technology, Abbvie
Vijay Venugopal, Sr. Director, Sales & Marketing, Eisai

Moderator: Seth Painter, Pharma CX Summit Co-Host, Digital Marketing Strategist

04:15 PM
CASE STUDY: Generation S - Co-Creating, Authentically Connecting, and Making a Difference in the Sickle Cell Community

• Consumer Launch: Empowering and activating patients
• Re-Thinking the Disease: Pain crisis focus and associated complications
• Experience-Driven: Understanding and supporting patients through insights and engagement
• Mission-Driven: Establishing NVS as a trusted partner

Mike Edwards, Director & Indication Lead, CAR-T Marketing, Novartis
Brad Carlson, Director, Digital Strategy, Novartis

04:40 PM
PERSPECTIVES: Putting the Customer at the Center of Your Marketing Strategy using Digital/Media

• How are pharma brands integrating their advertising and customer experience strategies?
• Keys to creating personalized content with contextual awareness
• How can pharma brands become more 'humanized' and better understanding of customers' challenges?

Courtney Kober, Director, Integrated Multichannel Marketing, Bayer
John Lineen. Director, Engagement Lead, Bristol-Myers Squibb
Robin Kamen, Global Lead, Omnichannel & Customer Experience, Galderma
Craig Haines, Chief Revenue Officer, Verywell

Moderator: Amy Turnquist, President, HBA Philadelphia, Healthcare Businesswomen's Association

05:10 PM
Virtual Happy Hour!

Day Two
March 25, 2021

01:00 PM
Day One Recap

Seth Painter, Pharma CX Summit Co-Host, Digital Marketing Strategist
Kristen Winters, Pharma CX Summit Co-Host & CX Lead, North Americas Hub, Bayer

01:10 PM
PERSPECTIVES: The HCP Experience in 2021

• Discuss the importance of the HCP Experience in 2021
• How does HCP Experience relate to your product/market/therapy/patient populations?
• When considering the HCP Experience, what has changed in the past 12 months?
 • Where do data, analytics and technology play a role when considering the HCP Experience?
Charlie Flax, Chief Executive Officer, Propeller
Kathy Schwartz, Director, Customer Experience, Sanofi
Stephanie Garrison, Head, Digital Marketing, US, Idorsia

Moderator: Kristen Winters, CX Lead, North Americas Hub, Bayer

01:40 PM

• Discuss the role of EHR/POC options in the overall HCP CX
• How are EHR/POC options viewed from the HCP’s perspective? And from the Patient’s?
• How effective are these programs? How is that measured?
• Which EHR/POC options are most effective?

Brett Marvel, Associate Director, Marketing Comms/Channels, Vaccines, Merck
Eileen Nolan, Sr. Manager, EHR Marketing Strategy & Execution, Novo Nordisk

Moderator: Lisa Grimsley, Digital Marketing Strategist

02:10 PM
Networking Break

02:30 PM
PERSPECTIVES:  CX Lessons from Outside Pharma
• What does CX mean to your market/audience?
• What are some strategies or tactics that you employ to optimize CX?
• Discuss the importance of data/analytics as it applies to CX
• CX recommendations for pharma/healthcare

Jennifer Galle, Regional VP, Marketing, Caesar’s Entertainment
Vicki Whichard, Head, Digital Customer Care, MassMutual
Karen Root, Director, Experience Strategy, Boehringer Ingelheim

Moderator: Seth Painter, Pharma CX Summit Co-Host, Digital Marketing Strategist

03:00 PM
Don't Listen To Your Customers - Do This Instead

Too often, we assume that consumers make rational decisions. We take them at their word when we ask them about their behavior — they say they want this feature and we assume they will actually use the feature once we build it. But there’s a gap between what consumers say they’ll do and what they actually do. How do we bridge this gap and design products based on actual consumer decision making and behavior? This talk will get to the core of irrational decision making. Kristen will share funny stories about how we are irrational, while also providing novel and insightful ways to design products and services that align with these irrationalities.

Kristen Berman, Co-Founder, Irrational Labs

03:25 PM
What Patients Want: The Top 5 Lessons We Have Learned From Our First Year Helping Patients On Their Journey

Leaving big-pharma to start a company designed to help patients navigate their journey has led to some important learnings about how patients really think about their health. We will discuss what we learned and what that means for Pharma marketers.

Patrick Howie, Founder and CEO, MediFind

03:50 PM
Networking Break

04:05 PM
Powering Meaningful Customer Experiences with Design Systems

Direct customer research is the most powerful way to create meaningful digital experiences – but it is often overlooked because of impacts to budget and timelines. Learn how implementing a Design System can bridge this gap by accelerate time to market, driving down costs, and simplifying the process of content creation.

Ryan Rosenberg, Associate Director, CX Design, Sanofi

04:30 PM
PERSPECTIVES:  CX in Non-Traditional Markets
• How does CX map onto the products that you market/sell?
• How is CX different for your market vs. traditional pharma?
• Share an example of how CX is important within your market or audience?
• What roles does data/analytics play in your approach to CX?

Debbie Donovan, Director, Market Development, HCPs, Cala Health
Cassie Hallberg, Vice President, Marketing, Neocis
Jo Elynn Cook, Product Director, Photocure USA
Michael Jafar, Chief Commercial Officer, Evolus

Moderator: Seth Painter, Pharma CX Summit Co-Host, Digital Marketing Strategist

05:00 PM
Virtual Happy Hour! 

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