Now in its 7th year, the Pharma Customer Experience Summit (September 16-17, 2020) has become the premier CX event for the pharma industry. The conference brings together 150+ industry executives with the common goal of driving digital transformation and business outcomes through better customer experiences.

The Pharma CX Summit focuses on three main customer segments – patients, payers, and providers – and examines how pharma can use technology, data, and design to drive customer engagement and outcomes in a real and measurable way. Attendees benefit from an intimate conference environment that fosters peer-to-peer interaction, collaboration, and networking. Conference speakers include pharmaceutical organizations and brands, tech companies, patient groups, CX business experts, leading solution providers, and outside-industry CX leaders.

Join us on September 16-17 in Summit, NJ, and discover how pharma can design and execute a more seamless customer experience for patients, payers, and providers
Main Ballroom
The Grand Summit Hotel
570 Springfield Avenue
Summit, NJ


Date & Time
Start: September 16, 2020, 8am
End: September 17, 2020, 2pm
Schedule - Day 1
8:00 AM
Conference Registration Open
Conference registration open with continental breakfast and coffee served

9:00 AM
Opening Remarks from Conference Chairs
Seth Painter, Digital Marketing Strategist & Kristen Winters, Director, Multi-Channel Marketing, Bayer

09:15 AM
Digital Transformation in Pharma: Pfizer's ‘Dare to Try’ Initiative

Making “Innovation” be a part of our daily work, not a workshop or top down mandate
• Breaking patterns of thinking to generate more of a ‘Learner Mindset’

Emily Stuis, Idea Sprint Lab Strategist, Pfizer

09:40 AM
The Kindness Quotient: Customer Experience in the Outcomes Economy
Rich Schwartz, Founder & Chief Connectivity Officer, RAPT Health

10:05 AM
PERSPECTIVES: Translating Customer Insights into Better Experiences
• Who is your organization’s ‘customer(s)’?
• How do you know what your customers really want from your company/their therapy/healthcare?
• How do you use that information to improve CX?
• What are the major challenges to improving CX?
• How does data inform customer insights? How do you determine what to look at?
• Which insights lead to better customer experiences?

Aleen Hosdaghian , Sr. Director, Marketing, SUN Pharma
Joyce Ercolino, Director, Digital Excellence, Harmony Biosciences
Rob Stephen, VP, Marketing, Verywell

10:35 AM
Coffee and Conversation

Networking Break

11:05 AM
FIRESIDE CHAT: The Missing Components of Real Patient Engagement
Jim Doucette, Head of Collaborative Patient Initiatives, AstraZeneca

11:30 AM
Session TBA

11:55 AM
PERSPECTIVES: Enhancing the Customer Experience with Emerging Tech
The panel discusses which emerging technologies (mobile, connected devices, AI/ML, AR/VR, voice & chat, telehealth, blockchain) have the potential to provide the most value to customers. Also how pharma can develop a tech-led, human-centered design process to connect with customers on a deeper level & reinforce the importance of the human experience in healthcare.

Anton Yarovoy, Sr. Product Manager, HCP Marketing, Novo Nordisk
Mary Lassiter, Digital Campaign Management Product Lead, Sanofi
Susan Harris, Sr. Director, Obesity Management, Janssen
Ahmed Albaiti, Chief Executive Officer, Medullan

12:25 PM

01:25 PM
WORKSHOP: The M.O.L.E System Perspective
Move Away From Your Failed Approach To Digital Transformation

Neil Keene, Digital Brand Consultant, NASH, Intercept Pharmaceuticals

02:05 PM
Designing Your First Nudge

Inspired by the behavioral science principles described in our book, Nudge Marketing, the BVA Nudge Unit brings you an engaging presentation aimed at those seeking to achieve greater success rates in behavioral change within the pharma and healthcare sector. We will show you how simple behavioral “nudges” can optimize CX aimed at stakeholders across the healthcare ecosystem.

Suzanne Kirkendall, MPH, Consultant, BVA Nudge Unit

02:30 PM
PERSPECTIVES: Elevating the HCP Experience to Drive Engagement
• Developing a customer experience mindset to engage providers on their terms 
• Keys to providing the most valuable resources at the point of care
• Leveraging data and HCP feedback to gain actionable insights

Brian Prout, Director of Marketing, Vumeris, Biogen
Lori Hancock, Director, Multi-Channel Integration, Oncoloy, Merck
Charlie Flax, Founder & President, Propeller

03:00 PM
Coffee and Conversation

Networking Break

03:25 PM
Powering Meaningful Customer Experiences with Design Systems

Ryan Rosenberg, Digital Design & UX Capabilities Lead, Sanofi

03:50 PM
New Methods for Gleaning Patient Input

Sarah Krug, Executive Director, Cancer 101

04:15 PM
CX in the Time of Cannabis
The recreational use of cannabis is legal in 11 states and 33 states and the District of Columbia have legalized medical marijuana. The advent of cannabinoid therapy (THC and CBD) will send shockwaves through the healthcare ecosystem and alter the journey of patients with chronic conditions and acute symptoms. This session will illuminate how the alternative care option is impacting a patient's treatment option decision and how it will alter your approach to CX.

Melissa Mackey (MACK), Founder and CEO, Reliefium

04:40 PM
PERSPECTIVES: The ROI of Customer Experience in Pharma
• Which investments are contributing to CX success and which are not?
• What does successful digital transformation in pharma look like?
• Keys to developing a strategic vision for adopting commercial technologies
Quanitfying customer experience success in pharma

Vijay Venugopal, Director, Business Partner: Marketing, Sanofi
Edward Stelmack, Sr. Director, Commercial Operations, Oncology, AstraZeneca
Pranay Sinha, Sr. Director, Global IT, Ortho Clinical Diagnostics
Trista Walker, President, BNO

05:10 PM
NETWORKING DRINKS RECEPTION @ The HAT Tavern (The Grand Summit Hotel)

Hosted by:
07:00 PM
PHARMA CX SUMMIT DINNER MEET-UP @ The Echo Tap & Grille (Mountainside, NJ) 
Schedule - Day 2
09:00 AM
Day 1 Recap from Conference Chairs
Seth Painter, Digital Marketing Strategist & Kristen Winters, Director, Multi-Channel Marketing, Bayer

09:15 AM
Connected Health at the Speed of Life
Reaching and Engaging the Connected Patient
Data First, Speed Up & Provide Assistance in a Mobile World

Sachin Nanavati, Sr. Business Lead, Healthcare, Google

09:40 AM
Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Pharma: The Future Arrived Yesterday
This lively session starts off with a high level look back at the early days of AI explaining why only now AI becomes so pervasive in our lives. Not only in consumer applications but also in healthcare and at Pharma companies. Not only in research but also in Manufacturing, Regulatory, and yes, Commercial.

Dany De Grave, Founder, Unconventional Innovation, Sr. Director, Scientific & Digital Innovation, Sanofi

10:05 AM
Session TBA

10:30 AM
PERSPECTIVES:  Improving Value & Access in the Era of Customer Experience 

• In terms of managed care or payer strategy, how is the ‘customer’ defined?
• When compared to patient or HCP engagement, what are the major differences?
• How do those differences alter the traditional approach to marketing/access/engagement?
• In terms of CX, what’s missing from the value/access space?

Kate Makowka, Sr. Marketing Leader, Ipsen
Matthew Smith, Global Lead, Strategy, Digital & Operations, Pfizer
Kris Granor, Associate Director, Market Access Marketing, Jazz
11:00 AM
Coffee and Conversation

Networking Break

11:30 AM
The Customer Experience is Your Brand
 Drew Diskin, Head of Marketing Technology, Virtua Health System

11:55 AM
Facilitating a “Responsible” Adoption of Digital in the Mental Health Space
Craig DeLarge, Founder, The Mental Health Project

12:20 PM
PATIENT PERSPECTIVES: Engagement in Action
An Initiative Designed to Support the Sickle Cell Community
Hear from three perspectives -a supplier and sponsor who sensed the need for curated information in a community. Hear directly from members of the community - Does the platform serve them? What else can be done? The example of sickle cell can stand in for almost any other rare disease – hear how industry is better able to both serve the patient/caregiver community and business objectives at the same time. The panel will be ready to answer your questions about value, challenges, regulatory hurdles, etc. – all the issues you face as you develop and implement patient-focused initiatives.
Moderated by:
Dyan Bryson, Founder, Health Inspired Strategies & Joe Chichiocco, Associate Director, Patient Advocacy, Daiichi Sankyo

12:45 PM

02:00 PM
Ryan Rosenberg
Joyce Ercolino
Alison Kramer Deeb
Mary Lassiter
Drew Diskin
Virtua health system
Anton Yarovoy
Emily Stuis
Susan Harris
Rich Schwartz
Sarah Krug
Cancer 101
Brian Prout
Jim Doucette
Aleen Hosdaghian
Sun pharma
Vijay Venugopal
Matt Smith
Trista Walker
Craig DeLarge
The Mental Health project
Kris Granor
Neil Keene
intercept pharmaceuticals
Joe Chichiocco
daiichi sankyo
Lori Hancock
Dyan Bryson
Health inspired strategies
Suzanne Kirkendall
BVA Nudge unit
Charlie Flax
Ahmed Albaiti
Rob Stephen
Kate Makowka
Pranay Sinha
Dany DeGrave
Melissa Mackey (MACK)

Sponsorship & Exhibition Opportunities 
The Grand Summit Hotel
570 Springfield Ave., Summit, NJ
SINCE 1868 THEN NOW ALWAYS. The Grand Summit Hotel is a historic, boutique style hotel in the heart of Summit, New Jersey. The Grand Summit celebrated their grand reopening in 2019 with fully renovated lobby and guest rooms.

PanAgora Pharma has a room block at the Grand Summit Hotel for conference attendees ($165++ per room). Please contact the team at PanAgora Pharma ( to make a reservation. We recommend booking ASAP as the conference room block has sold out each of the past three years.
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