Now in its 11th year, the PanAgora Pharma CX Summit will bring together 200+ of the leading customer experience experts in pharma to explore how pharma is leveraging technology, data, and design thinking to drive customer engagement and outcomes in a real and measurable way.

The Pharma CX Summit 2024 is broken down into a HCP CX Day and a Patient CX Day. Content on the first day of the conference will be focused on the HCP experience and the second day of the event will be focused on the Patient experience, with plenty of overlapping pharma CX content throughout.

This year's agenda will cover the latest pharma CX case studies and insights led by an expert speaking faculty. Our goal is to leave attendees with actionable insights, takeaways, and networking connections that will help you tackle your customer experience challenges. Pharma CX Summit attendees benefit from a lively and interactive conference environment that fosters peer-to-peer interaction, collaboration, and networking.

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The Nassau Inn
10 Palmer Square
Princeton, NJ
Date & Time
March 20, 2024
9:00am - 5:00pm EST
Happy Hour to Follow

March 21, 2024
9:00am - 5:00pm EST
Happy Hour to Follow
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Highlights From Last Year's 10th Annual Pharma CX Summit

Here's a glimpse at last year's conference, the 10th Annual PanAgora Pharma CX Summit, which took place on March 22-23, 2023 at the Nassau Inn in Princeton, NJ.

Event Stats
• 36 Expert Speakers
• 16 Captivating Sessions
• 182 Registered Attendees
• 64.8% of Audience from Pharma Companies!

Highlight Reel
11th Annual Pharma CX Summit (2024)

Event Scope & Prospectus
Pharma CX Faculty (2023)

Bryan Zembrowski
Jaclyn van Deuren
Sabine Bejori
Michael Reynolds
Kissa Fernandez
Anton Yarovoy
Arooba Marks
Craig McGettigan
Josh Konetzni
 Erin Russell
Vaibhav Malankar
Joyce Ercolino
Stephanie Garrison
Richard Schwartz
Bryant Powell
Mariah Blevins
Jen Rubin
Anna Subrizi
Caitlin Steel
Walid Hamza Abdelhafez
Alison Tapia
Paul Reuscher
Stephanie Douglas
Indraneel Mukherjee
Lori Hancock
Chrissy Buckley
Rob Britting
Trista Walker
Matt Smith
Geoff Chamberlain
Wayne Simmons
Dayna Sracic
Seth Painter
Sahab Aslam
 myriad GENETICS
Sandy Sexton
Elyse Altabet
Nakul Vyas
Jennifer Zieverink
Lori Goldberg
Silverlight digital
Mike Edwards
Amy McCann
Jarod Ricci
Adell Mendes
Michael Kirzhner
09:00 AM
Co-Hosts Opening Remarks

Seth Painter, Director, National AccountsPopulus Media
Wayne Simmons, Customer Powerhouse CX Leader, Bayer

09:10 AM
PANEL: HCP CX Best Practices - What's Working? What's Not?

Some would argue that the provider is the most important customer in the pharma space. Responsible for the final decision on brand selection, the HCP is certainly crucial to the process. Therefore, when providers interact with your brand...what are they experiencing? How do they feel about the brand before-during-after the interaction? This panel explores specific examples of HCP experience.

• Discuss the importance of the HCP experience in 2023
• How does HCP experience relate to your product / market / therapy / patient population?
• Share an example of how data, analytics and technology play a role when considering the HCP experience.

Bryan Zembrowski, Director, Dermatology Marketing, Regeneron
Joyce Ercolino, Director, Digital Excellence, Harmony Biosciences

Walid Hamza Abdelhafez, Director, Country Customer Experience & Field Engagement, Novartis
09:40 AM
CX Commencement: From Academic to Action

Richard Schwartz, Chief Patient Officer & Founder, RAPT Health

10:05 AM
PANEL:  The Omnichannel Gap - Aspiration vs. Reality
Omnichannel is at the core of every marketing plan and customer experience strategy. Each organization is at a different stage of implementation. Omnichannel is the hot topic of the day in the pharma industry, but where does the industry actually stand in implementing omnichannel strategies? Our panel of experts will weigh in with their perspective on HCP omnichannel, challenges related to execution and where the practice is headed.

• Discuss the importance of the HCP in the market and the importance of omnichannel for sales and marketing.
• What is the role of omnichannel as it pertains to HCP experience?
• What are the top hurdles to omnichannel success?
• What are essential best practices and approaches to overcome those hurdles?
• In terms of difficulty, how does HCP omnichannel compare with consumer omnichannel?
• What’s next? What will the HCP omnichannel experience look like in 2023 vs…2033?

Mike Edwards, Executive Director, Marketing Strategy, Novartis
Caitlin Steel, Vice President, Product Management, Aktana
Michael Reynolds, Director, Omnichannel Strategy,
Geoff Chamberlain, Associate Director, Channel Activation & Integration, Sanofi

10:35 AM
Networking Break

11:05 AM
PANEL:  Data + CX

We need not question the importance or the availability of data in the marketing world.
Is there too much? Not enough? Can we use what we have? But, let's take this to another level.

• How can we leverage data differently or better to improve CX?
• With regard to customer experience, what is the most useful data?
• What are some innovative ways to leverage data in marketing & CX?
• Is there any data that is not useful in terms of CX?
• If you could collect any type of data, what would be on your wish list?
• What do you look for in a data provider?

Michael Kirzhner, Associate Director, Brand Technology, Immunology, AbbVie
Adell Mendes, Director, Commercial Data Management, AstraZeneca
Jarod Ricci, Global Strategic Insights Head, GSK
Paul Reuscher, VP, Product Innovation, Forian
11:35 AM
If You Have Testing Questions, We Have Testing Answers: 
A Precision Medicine Customer Experience Story

As the paradigm of care is shifting to a personalized medicine approach, many patients are still not being treated based on guideline recommended treatments. Many stakeholders in the multi-disciplinary team face challenges in the treatment journey. In this session we set out to answer How do we impact these challenges and place patients on a guideline recommended personalized medicine path? How do we create highly flexible above brand educational content? And where would this content have the greatest impact and traction?

Anton Yarovoy, Director, Precision Medicine - US Oncology, Novartis
12:00 PM
PANEL: HCP Experience + KPI + ROI

One of the most challenging aspects of customer experience is quantifying the effects that specific initiatives have with the audience. This panel will examine different methods of creating metrics and actionable insights from HCP experience programs.

• What types of metrics can currently be collected to evaluate HCP Experience? How useful are they? Or not?
• Examples of programs, measurement tools, or strategies that yield HCP experience metrics, and their overall impact.
• If you could measure anything....what is one metric that you would like to have?
• What are the inherent challenges in demonstrating ROI? How can we overcome them (or at least do better)?

Vaibhav Malankar, Associate Director, Omnichannel, Nephrology Marketing, Otsuka
Sahab Aslam, Head of Enterprise Data Science & AI, Myriad Genetics
Nakul Vyas, Executive Director, Data Analytics & Digital Innovation, Arcutis
Amy McCann, Director, Customer Marketing, HCP Omnichannel Engagement, Sunovion
12:30 PM
Networking Lunch

01:30 PM
PANEL:  Innovations in Media Strategy and Planning

Media, specifically digital media, is one of the key driver of CX. It has reach, its easily accessed, and can be modified more quickly than traditional tactics. What role does media strategy play in the overall customer experience? How can brands harness its power to deliver results for both CX and the bottom line? This panel explores these ideas with real-world examples from the media space.

• We have seen social audio, specifically podcasting, grow tremendously over the last few years. How has your organization been able to find your place in this every evolving medium with a CX lens in mindset?
• Share specific examples of how media improved (or detracted) from CX...? Or how an approach to media was altered to accommodate CX. What happened?
• Media is ever-evolving. What are some media platforms that still remain useful despite being in-market for many years? What new things are exciting on the media front?
• Measurement & media go hand-in-hand. How does data contribute to a brand's understanding of its effect on CX?

Lori Hancock, Director Multi-Channel Integration Team, Oncology, Merck
Bryant Powell, Associate Director, WW Commercialization Operations, BMS
Lori Goldberg, CEO & Founder, Silverlight Digital
2:00 PM
A Scalable Approach to Modular Content in Pharma

Oksana Matviienko, Regional Director, Viseven

02:25 PM
PANEL: Are We There Yet? Getting from A to Z with Omnichannel Engagement

Consensus is that omnichannel is the way to go in terms of customer engagement and building a differentiating customer experience. However, very few (if any) biopharma organizations can declare success, and the industry as a whole is recognized as something of a laggard. In this session, we’ll explore some of the common challenges / pitfalls companies face, as well as share lessons learned and insights from across the industry. We’ll also touch on what’s working and keys to success from different functional domains / perspectives within pharma organizations.

Craig McGettigan, Head of Omnichannel Enablement, Sanofi
Indraneel Mukherjee, Sr. Principal, Brand & Commercial Strategy,
Arooba Marks, Head of Customer Experience, Pfizer Connect
Alison Tapia, Sr. Director, Performance Marketing & Digital Innovation, Dermavant

Moderated by: Matthew Smith, Sr. Principal, New Commercial Models & Digital Health, IQVIA

02:55 PM
Networking Break

03:25 PM
New for 2023:  The Parade of Insights! 

This lightning round style segment will feature a group of pharma experts, each presenting one slide for one minute, to share a CX best practice, insight, tip or trick as it relates to the pharma / HCP experience.

Ryan Rosenberg, Director, Omnichannel Engagement Capabilities, Sanofi
Jared Shechtman, Marketing Technology Solutions, Eisai
Craig Hood, Manager, Channel Excellence, AstraZeneca
Mary Lassiter, Digital Platforms Operations, Bayer
03:45 PM
Advancing Pharma Customer Experience beyond Omnichannel Engagement

In this presentation, we will be discussing a holistic Pharma Cx definition that ensures addressing all customer engagements and interactions with the company beyond Omnichannel engagement. Also highlighting the urgent need for full field force integration, and redefine role of the field force 3-years post-pandemic.

Walid Hamza Abdelhafez, Director, Country Customer Experience & Field Engagement, Novartis
04:10 PM
Panel: DTx and Other Technologies Impacting CX

Customer experience can generally be defined as 'how a customer feels when they interact with you brand'. This description is usually reserved for areas such as marketing, digital touch points and support services. However, technology is impacting the actual treatment of disease, with practical tech-enabled solutions. In this panel, three innovators will share their perspective on how technology is impacting the patient & provider in the areas of diagnosis, treatment and maintenance of chronic health conditions.

• With a focus on your therapeutic area, discuss the importance of “experience” during the operational aspects of disease management.
• What are some of the barriers or challenges that tech-enabled therapies face?
• In a broad sense, what have been the positive outcomes of collaborations between healthcare & technology?
• What does the future hold: In 1 year? 5 years? 50 years?

Tanya Hughes, Director, DTx Market Access, Orexo
Erin Russell, Chief Operating Officer, Curio Digital Therapeutics

04:40 PM
Networking Reception / Happy Hour

09:00 AM
Co-Hosts Opening Remarks

Seth Painter, Director, National AccountsPopulus Media
Stephanie Garrison, Head, Digital Marketing, US, Idorsia

09:10 AM
PANEL: Patient CX Best Practices - What's Working? What's Not?

• Discuss the importance of the patient experience in 2023
• How does patient experience relate to your product / market / therapy area? Why does that matter (or not)?
• Share an example of how a patient experience has affected your product / market / therapy area
• Share an example of how data, analytics and technology play a role when considering the patient experience

Sabine Bejori, Global Director, Digital Innovation and Customer Experience, Merck
Chrissy Buckley, Sr. Manager, Digital Consumer Marketing, Endo
Chloe Taylor, Partner, HawkPartners

09:40 AM
Maximize the Value of Every Experience

As today’s world of healthcare and patient care become more complex, successful pharma brands are using data, AI-powered technology, and CX best practices to improve experiences by uncovering key patient insights and accelerating HCP results. In this session, you’ll learn how companies like you are using an integrated CX approach to improve experiences throughout the patient journey to quickly identify the most important areas for improvement, improve positive patient results, and drive staff development and performance excellence.

Jen Rubin, Head of Customer Success, InMoment 
Julia Dolgetta, Solutions Consultant,
10:05 AM
Keynote Presentation: Songs Of Impact

There is inspiration all around us.  As leaders we have to grab it and share it in order to make an impact for patients. As an executive in both the OTC and Pharma industry Luigi Cappello shares a unique perspective on patient experience and what it takes to succeed.  The industry is in a massive state of change and what it really needs is leaders that can connect the dots for patients and their respective company.  This doesn’t happen without experimentation, individuality and smart partnerships. Are you ready?

Luigi Capello, Head of General Medicines Foundation Business - US & Canada, Sanofi

10:35 AM
Networking Break

11:05 AM
PANEL: DTC + Omni = PX

The vision of an omnichannel strategy is to optimize experience with the patient at the center. Omnichannel seeks to figure out what motivates the individual and then tailor the experience to meet those needs. Emerging technologies like AI, machine learning, and predictive analytics are helping make this a reality. Our panel examines the state of affairs in these areas and discusses their application and benefit to the patient space:

• With regard to your therapeutic area, what does omnichannel mean to you?
• With a myriad of applications, how are you leveraging AI and other emerging technologies?
• What does 'Next Best Action' mean to you + the patient audience?
• What’s next in omnichannel for patients? This year? Next year? 2025…?

Alison Tapia, Sr. Director, Performance Marketing & Digital Innovation, Dermavant
Elyse Altabet, Director, Consumer Marketing, Novartis
Vanita Patel, Associate Director US Marketing, Relief Therapeutics
11:35 AM
The Personalized Patient Journey: A New Standard of Patient Centricity

With the democratization of information, and the increasing involvement of patients in their own care, companies in biopharma are integrating technology and advanced analytics solutions to move from a one-size fits all model of patient support, to a tailored patient journey that is specific to the needs, expectations, and barriers.
Josh Konetzni, SVP and Head of Business Development, VMS BioMarketing

12:00 PM
PANEL: The Patient Perspective

Hear from a panel of patients and advocates about their experiences with pharma - both positive and negative - and their recommendations for how pharma brands can better serve patients. Learn where the biggest gaps lie between pharma and patients, and what can be done through content, data, and technology to close the gap.

Moderated by: Trista Walker, President & CEO, BNO Inc., Clinical Quality Committee Chair, Thomas Jefferson University Health System
12:30 PM
Networking Lunch

01:30 PM
PANEL:  Responding to the Voice of the Customer 
• What are the benefits of a successful VoC program in pharma? What are the challenges of implementation?
• How can pharma improve listening to patients and anticipating their needs throughout their patient journey?
• How can pharma collaborate with patients to co-create better products and experiences together?
• What are the most effective data sources for Voice of Customer data?
• How are you incorporating data to support key VoC business decisions and determine what is resonating with your audience?

Sandy Sexton, Senior Director, DUPIXENT Consumer Marketing, Regeneron
Mariah Blevins, Patient Experience Manager, Customer Experience & Digital Innovation, GSK
Anna Subrizi, Associate Director, Universal Patient Language, BMS

2:00 PM
The Next Era of Brand Building: Multidimensional Storytelling

​Hear from Meta creative leadership on what accelerated consumer expectations and heightened connectivity mean for your brand. Leave empowered and clear on how to add depth to your storytelling and build unforgettable experiences.

Kissa Fernandez, Creative Strategy Lead, Health, Meta

02:25 PM
PANEL:  Patient Experience + KPI + ROI

One of the most challenging aspects of customer experience is quantifying the effects that specific initiatives have with the audience. This panel will examine different methods of creating metrics and actionable insights from HCP experience programs.

• What types of metrics can currently be collected to evaluate patient experience? How useful are they? Or not?
• Examples of programs, measurement tools, or strategies that yield patient experience metrics, and overall impact.
• If you could measure anything....what is one metric that you would like to have?
• What are the inherent challenges in demonstrating ROI? How can we overcome them, or at least do better, in quantifying them?

Rob Britting, Senior Director, US Respiratory Marketing, Teva
Dayna Sracic, Commercial Operations Leadership Team, Chief of Staff, Endo

Richard Schwartz, Chief Patient Officer & Founder, RAPT Health
02:55 PM
Networking Break

03:25 PM
New for 2023: The Parade of Insights!
The Parade of Insights will feature a group of pharma experts, each presenting one slide for one minute, to share a CX best practice, insight, tip or trick as it relates to the pharma / patient experience.

Susan Harris, Strategic Customer Group, Retina/XLRP, Johnson & Johnson
Craig Hood, Manager, Channel Excellence, AstraZeneca
Sheetal Shah, Sr. Marketing Manager, Novo Nordisk
03:50 PM
PANEL:  Social Media + CX in Pharma

Social Media is everywhere—its hard to find anyone that is not involved with social media at some level. Therefore, its hard to find anyone who’s experience is not affected by social media. Driven by technology, but inherently human, social media may be the ultimate intersection of CX and technology that our industry has seen. This panels explores innovations in social media and the state of social media in 2023 and beyond.

• What’s the state of social with regards to commercial pharma? What' hot? What’s not? Discuss the “traditional” social media channels and their current impact.
• Discuss Influencers and the role they play in terms of CX, marketing efforts, and performance.
• How is social media integrating with other functionalities?
• What are some of the operational aspects of social that are sometimes overlooked that can alter CX?

Jaclyn van Deuren, Associate Director, Digital Marketing, Neurology, Eisai
Stephanie Douglas, Director, US General Medicines Omnichannel Media, Sanofi
Stephanie Garrison, Head, Digital Marketing, US, Idorsia
Linda Huss, Director, Corporate Affairs, Endo
04:20 PM
PX: Tailoring Medicine and Media for Patients

Over the last few years, the pharmaceutical industry has taken steps to become patient-centered. One example, Prasco is leading the cause for the epileptic patient experience with Spritam® (levetiracetam), utilizing Aprecia Pharmaceutical’s ZipDose® Technology to overcome adherence and difficulty swallowing challenges. Spritam is the first and only 3D printed drug approved by the FDA. The marketing challenge for Prasco is levetiracetam is not “new.” The way levetiracetam is delivered through a 3D printed tablet that is fast dissolving is what’s new. It’s Spritam. Enter successful omni-channel media strategy.

• The challenges of launching a Brand novel delivery method of a generic product
• Why Spritam focuses on patient media when many pharma companies prioritize HCP media first
• A strategic omni-channel media approach focused on reaching key audiences
• Encouraging patient self-advocacy
• Key channels with the biggest wins

Jennifer Zieverink, Vice President, Marketing, Prasco Laboratories
Lori Goldberg, CEO & Founder, Silverlight Digital

04:40 PM
Experience Everywhere.

Customer Experience can seem like an abstract concept. Sentiment, feelings and emotions can seem out of place in a data and evidence-driven world. But, in truth customer experience is everywhere, quietly setting the rhythms of our daily lives. In this session, we’ll dig into the transportation experience with Amtrak Acela to get a real world glimpse at how omnichannel customer experiences are integrated into our lives and how they can be the difference between good days and bad days.

Wayne Simmons, Customer Powerhouse, Customer Experience Leader, Bayer
05:00 PM
Closing Networking Reception / Happy Hour

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