Transform Your CX Strategy to Deliver More Engaging and Personalized Expreiences at Scale for Patients and HCPs

Now in its 11th year, the PanAgora Pharma CX Summit will once again bring together the customer experience leaders of pharma to explore how pharma CX and marketing teams are leveraging technology, data, and design to optimize customer experiences in a real and measurable way.

The 2024 edition of the Pharma CX Summit is broken down into a PATIENT-focused CX Day (March 20th) and a HCP-focused CX Day (March 21st), with plenty of comprehensive pharma CX content throughout both days. Our goal at the Pharma CX Summit is to leave attendees with actionable insights, takeaways, and networking connections to help you tackle your pharma customer experience challenges, regardless of where you are on your CX journey.

Attendees of the Pharma CX Summit benefit from a lively and interactive conference environment that fosters peer-to-peer interaction, collaboration, and networking with over 65% of our 175+ attendees from pharma and med device companies.

Don't miss the premier CX event in life sciences for pharma CX and marketing leaders!

The Nassau Inn
10 Palmer Square
Princeton, NJ
Date & Time
March 20, 2024
9:00am - 5:00pm EST
Happy Hour to Follow

March 21, 2024
9:00am - 5:00pm EST
Happy Hour to Follow
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Highlights From Last Year's 10th Annual Pharma CX Summit

Here's a glimpse at last year's conference, the 10th Annual PanAgora Pharma CX Summit, which took place on March 22-23, 2023 at the Nassau Inn in Princeton, NJ.

Event Stats
• 36 Expert Speakers
• 16 Captivating Sessions
• 173 Registered Attendees
• 64.8% of Audience from Pharma Companies!

Highlight Reel
Pharma CX Summit 2024

Seth Painter


Matt Balogh


Dayna Sracic


Speaking Faculty

Priscilla Tavener


Sydney Crowley


Corinne Yaouanq Lyngberg


Shetal Vyas


Angelica Aguirre


Will McMahon


Katherine Swolfs


Chris Weber


Scott Bradley


Sharon Streets


Jay Erickson


Sarmad Salim


Nakul Vyas


Jorge Herrera


Kevin Hsieh


Sohni Dailey


Chris Randell


Anton Yarovoy


Wayne Simmons


Chase Feiger


Sunny Yarrish


Anna Subrizi


Noah Bryant


Ryan Dunkerley


Leslie Pagel


Stephen Framil


Lisa Britton


Richard Schwartz


Jared Shechtman


Matthew Doyle


Matthew Smith


Shawnee Brown


Christine Pillard


Lori Goldberg

SiLverlight digital

Aleen Hosdaghian


Joe Falcone


Margaux Boyaval


Brandi Ascione


Danielle Hay


Ania Rodriguez

Alfred O'Neill


Chris Tuleya


Jennifer Butler


Oksana Matviienko


Outside-Industry CX Perspectives
Stacey Mitsinicos


Jennifer Galle


Event Scope & Sponsor Prospectus 
09:00 AM
Co-Hosts Opening Remarks

Seth Painter, Director, Strategic Partnerships, Ostro
Dayna Sracic, Executive Director, Consumer Marketing, Endo

09:10 AM

Patient CX Best Practices - What's Working? What's Not?

• What is the state of the patient experience in pharma, and how is empathy being incorporated?
• Share an example of how a patient experience has affected your product / market / therapy area
• Share an example of how data, analytics and technology play a role when considering the patient experience
• How do we push further to include patient experience and patient voice into all aspects of pharma?

Margaux Boyaval, (Former) UX/UI Director, Digital Health Products, Teva
Sharon H. StreetsBSN, RN, Director of Treatment Operations, Adaptimmune
Lisa Britton, Director, Patient Access Solutions Mental Health, Boehringer Ingelheim

09:40 AM

The Road to Success: How to implement a winning strategy

Join CooperSurgical and Ostro to learn how CooperSurgical’s award-winning patient education solution and AI-powered technology provide consumers and HCPs with personalized support, resources, and next best actions. In this fireside chat with Priscilla Tavener, Senior Director of Marketing at CooperSurgical, and Danielle Hay, Senior Director, Operations & Strategy at Ostro, you’ll learn about their road to success and what advice CooperSurgical would give to other brand leaders looking to increase personalization utilizing AI-powered technology.

Priscilla Tavener, Senior Director of Marketing, CooperSurgical
Danielle Hay, Senior Director, Operations & Strategy, Ostro

10:00 AM

Optimizing Patient Needs in the Tech Experience

Drawing on +20 years of online marketing experience -- both in AND outside of pharma, Kevin talks about technology & focus on the patient, specifically optimizing & prioritizing their needs. Key concepts include: communication at the patient level, knowing the audience & listening to/applying feedback. Kevin manages an ecosystem of +30 brand sites, so he knows a thing or two about the optimal approach.

Kevin Hsieh, Director, Portfolio Web & Mobile, Experience Services & Digital Innovation, Genentech

10:20 AM
Harnessing A Renewable Source of Business Intelligence with Generative AI

Chief Evangelist Leslie Pagel is presenting on how healthcare organizations use generative AI to tap into a renewable source of customer intelligence and deliver both health and business outcomes.In this session we will:

• Examine the current state of customer feedback: what is lacking and opportunities to improve
• Share examples of how pharma CX leaders use unsolicited conversations to improve the patient journey
•Discuss how to get started in your own organization

Leslie Pagel, Chief Evangelist, Authenticx

10:45 AM
Networking Break

​Hosted by:

11:15 AM
The 3Ts (Transparency, Timeliness, and Trust) of Closing the Experience Gaps For Customers and Colleagues

Sydney Crowley, Sr. Director, Global Experience Management Operations, Cencora - World Courier
Richard Schwartz, Principal, Life Sciences Head, Qualtrics

11:40 AM
Patients are the New Besties of Pharmaceutical Companies and Influencers of Treatment

​Patients needs to be treated like consumers , educated in new channels and drive engagement with HCP's. When relevant information is served up to right patients in a simpler understandable authentic way, then treatment care works. This session will explore the possibilities of where patients are reachable today (focused on skin care industry insights).

In today's world of Netflix , telehealth , fitness shops , web series influencers , Amazon culture and TikTok, should we treat, educate, and drive awareness differently for patients vs traditional channels? In this world, how do we bring HCPs closer to patients and what levers can be applied to drive patients to HCP's asking for right choice of treatment? And where have we seen it work?
Nakul Vyas, Head Of Data, Analytics, and Digital Innovation, Arcutis

12:05 PM

Hype vs. Hope: The Anti-Obesity Revolution Has Arrived. But Is It a Whole New Game of Patient Support?

New innovations have created a hype in the anti-obesity revolution, which has inflated the hope in
patients nationwide. 40-45% of the United States population is obese. The media tells us the weight loss
treatments and results will be the miracle so many have waited for – but are they? Being successful on
these wonder drugs doesn’t happen overnight, it involves major lifestyle changes. How do we, as a
healthcare community, support patients so they can be successful managing their new therapy?
People need help – the type that goes beyond the usual treatment paradigm. This panel offers a
dialogue on why weight loss patients need more than just a prescription to overcome obesity and a look
at how a holistic, human-centric patient support strategy can address the emotions involved with the
disease and lead to successful weight loss therapy and long-term behavior change.

Alfred O’Neill, Weight Loss Patient & Author
Richard Schwartz, Life Sciences Practice Lead, Qualtrics

Moderated by: Jennifer Butler, Chief Commercial Officer, Pleio

12:30 PM
Networking Lunch

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01:30 PM
Breaking Barriers: Leveraging Digital to Empower Patients + Physicians Towards Shared Decision-Making
Patients need to be treated like consumers, educated in new channels to drive engagement with HCP's. When relevant information is served up to right patients in a simpler, more understandable, and authentic way, then treatment care works. This session will explore the possibilities of where patients are reachable today (focused on skin care industry insights).

In today's world of Netflix, telehealth, fitness shops, influencers, Amazon culture, and TikTok, should we treat, educate, and drive awareness differently for patients vs traditional channels? In this world, how do we bring HCPs closer to patients and what levers can be applied to drive patients to HCP's asking for right choice of treatment? And where have we seen it work?
Sunny Yarrish, Director of Marketing, Digital & Omnichannel Strategy, Myriad Genetics

01:50 PM

Digital Accessibility in Global Pharma
With the Americans with Disability Act (ADA) in place for over 32 years, the practice of digital
accessibility has experienced a crescendo in recent years, and has become a central tenant to
Environmental Social & Governance (ESG) and Diversity Equity & Inclusion (DEI). While the
Web Content Accessibility Guidelines provide the global standards, the mobilization of a global
pharma company to adopt accessibility best practices across its Information. Communication
Technology (ICT) landscape can be quite overwhelming. Explore key components of a digital
accessibility program, including:

• Where digital accessibility sits within a large global company
• Steps to creating a digital accessibility policy and governance
• Workstreams in a digital accessibility program

Stephen Framil, Director, Corporate Global Head of Accessibility, Merck

2:10 PM
Taking the Leap: Building Patient-First Communities on Social Media

Creating vibrant and authentic social media communities has historically been difficult in the pharmaceutical and medical device industries. However, with the rise of new tools, platforms, and the continued rise of personalized user experiences, there has never been a better time for brands to build on social media. In this presentation, we will go through the strategies and learnings you need to know to build your brand on social in 2024.

Noah Bryant, Social Media and Digital Marketing, US, Novocure

02:30 PM

Social Media + CX in Pharma

Social Media is everywhere—its hard to find anyone that is not involved with social media at some level. Therefore, its hard to find anyone who’s experience is not affected by social media. Driven by technology, but inherently human, social media may be the ultimate intersection of CX and technology that our industry has seen. This panel explores innovations in social media and the state of social media in pharma in 2024 and beyond.

• What’s the state of social with regards to commercial pharma? Discuss the “traditional” social media channels and their current impact.
• Discuss Influencers and the role they play in terms of CX, marketing efforts, and performance.
• How is social media integrating with other functionalities?
• What are some of the operational aspects of social that are sometimes overlooked that can alter CX?

Noah Bryant, Social Media and Digital Marketing, US, Novocure
Shawnee Brown, Associate Director, Social Media & Influencer Engagement Capabilities, BMS
Vanita Patel, (Former) Associate Director, US Marketing, Relief Therapeutics

03:00 PM
Networking Break

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03:25 PM

The Omnichannel Patient Experience

The vision of an omnichannel strategy is to optimize experience with the patient at the center. Omnichannel seeks to figure out what motivates the individual and then tailor the experience to meet those needs. Emerging technologies like AI, machine learning, and predictive analytics are helping make this a reality. Our panel examines the state of affairs in these areas and discusses their application and benefit to the patient space:

• With regard to your therapeutic area, what does omnichannel mean to you?
• With a myriad of applications, how are you leveraging AI and other emerging technologies?
• What are the keys to orchestrating a world-class customer experience across all touchpoints of your brand?
• What’s next in omnichannel for patients? This year? Next year? 2035…?

Will McMahon, Director, Omnichannel Strategy, AstraZeneca
Joe Falcone, (Former) Director, Modular Content Strategy & Execution, BMS
Jennifer Berman, VP of Marketing, Impel Pharmaceuticals
Ania Rodriguez, CEO & Founder,

03:55 PM

Communicating with Patients about Complex Topics: Universal Patient Language
• Hear about how and why the Universal Patient Language capability at BMS was built
• Gain insights on how to strategize health literacy initiatives

Anna Subrizi, Director, Universal Patient Language, Bristol Myers Squibb

04:15 PM

New Perspectives:  Insights from Outside Industry CXperts

In this panel discussion, hear from customer experience and marketing leaders from outside of the pharma industry, and gain insights into their customer experience challenges, goals, lessons learned, best practices, and recommendations for pharma.

Key Topics Include:
• Adapting Cross-Industry Best Practices: Learn how successful strategies from gaming and financial services can be adapted to enhance the customer experience within pharma
• Incorporating Digital Innovations: Explore the latest digital tools and technologies that have transformed customer interactions in other industries and discuss their potential applications in the pharma landscape.
• Building Customer-Centric Cultures: Hear firsthand experiences on fostering a customer-centric mindset within organizations, promoting a culture that prioritizes the needs and expectations of the audience.
• Navigating Regulatory Challenges: Gain insights into how industries with regulations have effectively balanced compliance requirements with delivering exceptional customer experiences, offering valuable lessons for pharma

Stacey Mitsinicos, VP, Marketing, Lincoln Financial
Jen Galle, VP, Regional Marketing, Caesar's Entertainment

04:45 PM
Day One Networking Reception & Happy Hour

09:15 AM
Co-Hosts Opening Remarks

Seth Painter, Director, Strategic Partnerships, Ostro
Matt Balogh. Head Of Digital Marketing, Melinta Therapeutics

09:20 AM

HCP CX Best Practices - What's Working? What's Not?

Some would argue that the provider is the most important customer in the pharma space. Responsible for the final decision on brand selection, the HCP is certainly crucial to the process. Therefore, when providers interact with your brand...what are they experiencing? How do they feel about the brand before, during, and after the interaction? This panel explores specific examples of HCP experience.

• Discuss the importance of the HCP experience in 2024
• How does HCP experience relate to your product / market / therapy / patient population?
• Share an example of how data, analytics and technology play a role when considering the HCP experience.

Angelica Aguirre, Director, Integrated Experience Planning, Novartis
Chris Randell, Associate Product Director, Marketing, Endo
Aleen Hosdaghian, Executive Director, Marketing, Arcutis

09:50 AM
How to Improve the Experience and Create Value for Visitors Interacting with Your Brand’s Digital Properties

Chase Feiger, MD, Founder, Ostro

10:10 AM

I Thought You’d Be Taller – Confronting Aspirations vs. the Realities of your Omnichannel Strategy
Omnichannel is now a top priority for most brand and commercial leaders. There’s a clear focus to embed omnichannel engagement, and drive differentiating, consumer-like experiences, within campaign plans and brand strategies. While organizations are at different stages of implementation, we’ve seen a common trend that progress with omnichannel has been harder, and more limited, than expected. Our panel of experts will weigh in with their unique perspectives on where the pharma industry currently stands with omnichannel transformations, the challenges related to execution, and what’s needed to be more successful in 2024 and beyond.

• What impact is omnichannel strategy having on the HCP experience?
• How have HCP and Consumer/Patient omnichannel efforts come together?
• What are some of the primary hurdles to omnichannel success?
• Have we identified any essential best practices and/or approaches to overcome those hurdles?
• What’s next? What will the HCP omnichannel experience look like in 2024 vs…2034?

Chris Weber, Head of Customer Experience, US Oncology, Takeda
Jared Shechtman, Marketing Technology Solutions, Eisai
Julia Allen, Product Marketing Director, Fresenius Medical Care
Matthew Smith, Sr. Principal, New Commercial Models & Digital Health, IQVIA

10:40 AM
Networking Break

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11:10 AM

Digital DTC: Two Stories from the Next Frontier of Engagement

The patterns of how Pharma companies engage with customers are changing rapidly. The confluence of modern digital technology and the consumerization of healthcare is driving more direct and value-added relationships with customers including patients and healthcare providers. Scott Bradley from Novartis and Jay Erickson from Modus will share two recent real-world case studies from the front lines. The first is the journey that Novartis has been on to build out a modern, cloud-based, enterprise-wide Patient Support Services and CRM function. The second is how healthcare provider CX became the critical element for the success of a strategically important new therapy, which, due to an extremely short shelf-life of only 3-5 days, requires a modern DTC delivery process. They will tease out the lessons learned, the challenges, and what common ingredients made these initiatives successful.

Scott Bradley, VP of Patient Services Platform Strategy, Novartis
Jay Erickson, Partner, Chief Innovation Officer, Modus Agency

11:35 AM
Exploring AI in Healthcare: A New Era for Pharma and HCPs

Jorge Herrera, Global HCP & Patient CX Lead, Pfizer

12:00 PM

Implementing AI to Enhance the HCP Experience

In this panel discussion, we will explore the ways AI is revolutionizing the pharma marketing landscape, providing insights and strategies for harnessing its potential. Learn how pharma marketers are using AI to identify individual customer preferences for content, channels and timing—in real-time and at scale.

Matt Balogh. Head Of Digital Marketing, Melinta Therapeutics
Corinne Yaouanq-Lyngberg, Sr. Director, NextGen Capability Enablement, Novo Nordisk 
Jorge Herrera, Global HCP & Patient CX Lead, Pfizer

12:30 PM
Networking Lunch

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01:30 PM

CX is Everywhere

Customer Experience can seem like an abstract concept. Sentiment, feelings and emotions can seem out of place in a data and evidence-driven world. But, in truth customer experience is everywhere, quietly setting the rhythms of our daily lives. In this session, we’ll dig into the hospitality experience to get a real world glimpse at how omnichannel customer experiences are integrated into our lives, how they can be the difference between good days and bad days, and how you can move your organization to take action on behalf of customers with clarity and urgency.

Wayne Simmons, Global Customer Excellence, Pfizer

02:15 PM

Doctor, Doctor Can I Have Your Attention, Please?

In this panel discussion, we will unravel the influential role digital media, including paid media, has in shaping the HCP user experience (CX). With its expansive reach, easy accessibility, and rapid adaptability, digital media, both organic and paid, has emerged as a critical driver in CX enhancement. Our panel will delve into the strategic interplay between organic and paid media, exploring how a cohesive media strategy can elevate overall CX and drive measurable results for the bottom line. Through real-world examples drawn from the HCP marketing pros at pharmaceutical companies like yours, we will provide actionable insights for you to harness the combined power of organic and paid media to optimize CX initiatives effectively.

• Where has digital media notably enhanced the HCP user experience?
• How do organic and paid media impact the HCP user experience, and how can companies strike the right balance for maximum CX enhancement?
• Can you describe a situation where you swiftly modified a media strategy to better suit HCP needs? What were the challenges, and what were the outcomes on CX?
• What emerging media trends or platforms hold promise for enhancing the HCP user experience?
• How do you incorporate learnings from personal promotion into your NPP strategy? How to you combine these two to measure success?

Katherine Swolfs, VP, Commercial Strategy & Analytics. LEO Pharma
Ryan Dunkerley, Sr. Product Manager, Digital Marketing, Chiesi
Lori Goldberg, Chief Executive Officer,
Silverlight Digital

2:45 PM
Revolutionizing Customer Experience: How to Unleash the Power of Data, Tagging, and AI for Transformative Customer Interactions.
Join Oksana Matviienko for an in-depth look at the transformative power of integrating advanced data analytics, tagging, and AI technologies to revolutionize customer experiences. Oksana will not only discuss the current industry trends but also provide a practical toolkit on how to uncover the true potential of AI for analyzing vast amounts of data to predict customer needs. Furthermore, Oksana will spotlight the MLR Acceleration Engine by Viseven, which can expedite the review process of marketing and communication materials, ensuring compliance while reducing time-to-market for personalized customer interactions. This session is sure to offer valuable insights into pharma marketing trends as well as tangible advice on how to adopt a data-driven, AI-enhanced approach that will ultimately lead to increased customer satisfaction, higher engagement rates, and improved business outcomes.

Oksana Matviienko, Regional Director, Viseven

03:10 PM
Networking Break

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03:35 PM
Omnichannel to Generative AI - Optimization of CX in Pharma

Shetal Vyas, Vice President, GM, Uro-Oncology, Ferring Pharmaceuticals

03:55 PM
The Wizard of CX

As we build out omnichannel strategies, we strive to strike the right customer experience story for the HCPs involved. But the journey of customization is riddled with the different needs of everyone on that journey. In this session, we’ll follow the yellow brick road of HCP stakeholder experience, their needs, and how to personalize and improve engagement for each person on their journey.

Anton Yarovoy, (Former) Director, Precision Medicine, Novartis

04:15 PM

Field Force + CX

• What is the role of the field force in customer experience?
• How can pharma best leverage the field force to improve the HCP experience, and also the patient experience?
• What are some things you should not do with the field force?
• What are some specific examples of field force initiatives that have improved overall CX?

Sohni Dailey, Sr. Director, Field and Content Platform Strategy, Bristol Myers Squibb
Christine Pillard, Associate Director, Digital Enablement, Endo
Sarmad Salim, Head of Marketing Technology, Otsuka
Chris Tuleya, EVP & Managing Director, Underscore Marketing

04:45 PM
Day Two Networking Reception & Happy Hour

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